Friday, December 13, 2013

Solar still the main thing in California

California continues its rapid solar energy development. The state's solar power production continues to grow and in the December, 2013 California's solar power capacity reached the peak of 2,806 megawatts, which represents a staggering increase of more than 100% as compared to six months ago, when the installed solar power capacity was 1,235 MW.

The reason for this rapid growth in solar power capacity is new construction, and by this I mean several large solar energy projects such as 250-megawatt California Valley Solar Ranch in San Luis Obispo County.

It has been estimated that the solar power now accounts for more than 3 percent of total electricity generated in California. And if trend, in terms of future solar energy development, maintain its current track we could be soon talking about the barrier of 10 percent electricity from solar energy being broken in the Golden State.

New gigantic solar energy projects will soon be harnessing Sun's energy and producing more clean electricity. These include the 550-megawatt Topaz project and the 579-megawatt Antelope Valley Solar Projects, which are already under construction, in an area north of Los Angeles.

Solar is still the main thing in California and California's big solar story looks set to continue. The state will likely remain one of the nation's clean energy leaders in foreseeable future, though this isn't only because of solar energy but because of other renewable energy sources too.

California is also developing other renewable energy sectors; it is the largest geothermal power producer in the country, and also one of the fastest growing wind energy markets. The tons of new clean energy installations are coming online, of course with the emphasis on solar energy. Long may it continue.