Sunday, May 5, 2013

More jobs within the US solar energy industry

The US solar energy industry continues to grow rapidly. According to recent Solar Foundation report US solar energy industry employed 119,016 Americans at the end of 2012., which represents a major growth of 13,2% in comparison to previous year. Since 2010, the new jobs in solar energy industry have been growing eight times faster than the overall economy, once again proving that solar energy industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the nation.

The most of these jobs refer to solar energy installers, almost half of the total number, while approximately 15% of the jobs refer to sales and distribution. Other solar energy jobs refer to research, development and finance, and are also growing rapidly.

The salaries within solar energy industry are also appealing with  the average salary for a solar panel installer being between $30,000 and $40,000 per year ( the Bureau of Labor Statistics data).

The future of solar energy industry looks very bright. The large number of US solar companies are very optimistic about the future, with the best proof to it being the rapid growth of workforce within the solar energy industry.

The solar panel prices continue to decline which together with favorable federal and state incentives makes solar energy very attractive to investors. Even the US Department of Energy remains optimistic about the future of solar energy claiming that with the further expected decline in prices US solar energy industry will require 340,000 workers by 2030 to support the further growth.